Taylor Swift has paid off a struggling fan’s £4,000 tuition debt.

Ayesha wrote on Tumblr that her parents earn minimum wage and she wasn’t going to be able to afford her college tuition for next semester. Her mother suffers from kidney disease and her family were trying to take out a loan to cover her rent and school fees.


Fortunately for her, Taylor Swift heard about her troubles and she immediately transferred 6,386.47 Canadian dollars (£3,900) to Ayesha’s bank account.


Ayesha was shocked when she received a message notification and she shared a screenshot of the email she received that showed proof of the transaction.


T-Swift left a message with her payment. It reads: “Ayesha get your learn on girl. Love you!”


Taylor Swift pays off struggling fan?s ?4,000 tuition debt


Ayesha wrote on Instagram: “I posted about struggling with paying for tuition. Two hours later, I get this in my email. I have no words and I can’t stop crying. I don’t have words I don’t have words I don’t have words I can’t stop crying.”


She added on Tumblr that Taylor “took that stress” away from her family. She added that she didn’t know how she’d ever repay the singer for her “love and kindness”.


She wrote: “My mother suffers with chronic kidney disease stage 3 and that’s always something we’re worried about. Stress aggravates her condition and not having funds is stressful. Both of my parents work minimum wage jobs. They were going to try to get loans. Taylor Swift took that stress from my parents, my world, and I have never seen them cry/laugh the way they are right now. I truly do not have words and I will never, ever be able to repay her for the love and kindness she has shown me right now.”


Back in 2015, Taylor sent almost $2,000 (£1,600) to a follower to cover her student loan.